Custom & Commercial Air Solutions

Nortek Air Solutions has multiple innovative solutions for maximizing energy efficiency, reducing annual operating costs, improving indoor air quality, and achieving low sound levels. The company offers high quality systems in multiple shapes, sizes, and configurations for new construction and renovation or retrofit applications.


Cool3™ Indirect Evaporative Cooling (IDEC) Unit

The Cool3™ indirect evaporative cooling (IDEC) unit is ideal for reduced water usage and optimized energy savings for data center cooling. The Cool3 IDEC unit is available in 200, 300 and 400 kW standard unit sizes. The 400 kW model offers typical annual partial Power Usage Effectiveness (pPUE) below 1.1. The advanced heat exchanger technology of the unit reduces data center humidity fluctuations and filtration requirements for white space. The compact footprint and weight of the Cool3 IDEC unit offers installation flexibility for new and existing data centers as an end-on unit, a rooftop unit, or in a stacked configuration.

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FANWALL TECHNOLOGY® is a patented, integrated fan array system available in most products from CES Group brands. FANWALL components are integrated to match new construction and retrofit application requirements, while providing the benefits of redundancy, quiet and vibration-free operation, optimized energy efficiency from design minimum to maximum flow, and low cost maintenance and service.

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Retrofit and Replacement Solutions

While most fan retrofits require only that fully-assembled, modular FANWALL® cells fit through a three-foot door, there are instances where access restrictions are greater. Knock-down FANWALL cells provide an easy solution with minimal impact on typically tight retrofit schedules.

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CLEANSUITE® Ceiling Diffuser System for Surgical Suites

The CLEANSUITE all-inclusive, modular ceiling diffuser system installs directly above the operating table in surgical suites and outpatient surgery centers requiring low turbulence, laminar airflow. CLEANSUITE installs six times faster than conventional systems, and each module can include boom mount(s), lights, filtration, air balancing, sprinklers, HEPA filters, medical gas connections and more.

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