Ergonomic & Productivity Solutions

Nortek’s Ergonomic & Productivity Solutions group improves the way users interact with their electronics by focusing on comfort, health and ergonomics. Many of the group’s display mount and mobility solutions offer unique sit-to-stand features that deliver health and productivity benefits in healthcare, education, corporate, hospitality and home environments.


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Product Lines


Sit-Stand Workstations

Sit-stand workstations promote an effortless sit-and-stand work style—allowing users to easily move from a sitting to a standing position. These complete ergonomic solutions can be attached to most work surfaces, utilize minimal desk space, provide comfort during periods of prolonged computing and allow users to burn calories at work.


Desk Mounts

Offering premium adjustability, single or multiple-monitor desk mounts allow users to position displays for maximum comfort and productivity. They maximize desk space, reduce clutter and lower the risk of repetitive strain injuries. Monitors can rotate, swivel, and tilt forward and back for optimal ergonomic positioning.


Healthcare Carts and Wall Mounts

Point-of-care solutions allow computer systems to be easily and ergonomically positioned for any user, delivering superior comfort and optimal efficiency. By maximizing the maneuverability of computer workstations and digital technology throughout the entire campus, they increase productivity in healthcare.


Device Management

Device management solutions allow users to easily and efficiently manage and charge multiple iPad, eReader, netbook and laptop devices. An expanding line of device management carts and modules is fueled by patent-pending PowerShuttle™ technology.


TV Mounts and AV Furniture

TV mounts, accessories and A/V furniture enhance consumers’ home theater, gaming and computing experiences. With a human-centered design, each product adapts technology to the varying physical needs of the individuals using it, creating an environment that promotes wellness while improving productivity and efficiency.

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Tech Benches

Designed for the heaviest equipment and specialized workflows. These fixed height carts and benches combine sturdy functionality with modular accessories and details to make work comfortable and productive.


Radiology Desks

These fully adjustable healthcare imaging desks for radiologists are available in three families to accommodate all workflows. The premium desks allow users to Sit-Stand-Recline with the simple push of a button and program preferred sitting and standing positions. The electric Monitor Control System moves the entire bank of displays up and down, forward and back.


Ergotron, Inc.

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Ergotron has been improving the human interface with digital displays for over 25 years. Its history of innovation and passion for differentiation are evidenced in over 37 patents and a growing portfolio of mounting and mobility products for computer monitors, notebooks, tablets and large flat panel displays and TVs.


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Anthro started in 1984 with the plan of making only furniture for technology. Now, many years later, Anthro is still designing and manufacturing furniture for technology challenges from their Tualatin, Oregon, headquarters. Their state-of-the-art equipment processes raw materials into finished goods in just 2 to 5 days! The fabrication and assembly routines are environmentally friendly and certified by ISO. Anthro award-winning furniture solutions are used in healthcare, education, government, and business markets.


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Since 1978, OmniMount has been a global product innovator, first pioneering the field of audio mounts and then expanding its scope to include a complete portfolio of A/V mounts and accessories that maximize the home theater experience. The company has been regularly honored with distinguished industry awards for groundbreaking design and superior quality.