Residential & Commercial HVAC

Nortek’s Residential & Commercial HVAC group offers a variety of energy efficient comfort products for the residential, manufactured housing and light commercial markets, including central air conditioners, heat pumps, furnaces and unit heaters. Many offer some of the longest warranties in the industry—as well as innovative technologies that fuel some of the most reliable and energy efficient products in the industry.


Product Lines

Air Conditioners & Heat Pumps

From standard-efficiency workhorses to groundbreaking technology, Nordyne’s air conditioners and heat pumps offer a cooling solution for every home and budget. Nordyne introduced inverter technology to the U.S. market with its iQ Drive® air conditioner, which remains the most energy-efficient central air conditioner available today.


In 2002, Nordyne launched SmartLite® technology to extend furnace igniter life through self-adjusting startup times. This hot surface ignition technology is now the industry standard and can be found in all the company’s gas furnaces, from standard efficiency models through the 97 percent efficient fully modulating model.

Air Handlers and Coils

Nordyne’s air handlers and coils have led the industry in innovation. While other manufacturers produced their coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins, Nordyne invented all-aluminum Micro-Channel evaporator coils that provide greater corrosion resistance, lighter weight and use less refrigerant.

Packaged Systems

Nordyne’s iHybrid™ packaged system uses two fuel sources to lower homeowners’ utility bills: electric heat when temperatures are mild, gas heat when temperatures drop. In 2012, Nordyne launched the iQ Drive® gas/electric packaged system with inverter technology, the most energy-efficient packaged system available.

Manufactured Housing Products

Manufactured houses are some of the most difficult structures to heat and cool. Thankfully, Nordyne’s manufactured housing lineup includes two furnaces that are 95 percent efficient, as well as high-efficiency air conditioners, heat pumps and packaged systems. Each meets the unique demands of the homes—as well as all federal regulations.

Light Commercial Products

Mammoth light commercial equipment includes packaged gas/electric products ranging from three through 15 tons and packaged air conditioners and heat pumps from three through 10 tons. These systems feature durable, attractive cabinets that resist corrosion, never-rust mesh hail guards and access panels for easy servicing.

Mini Splits

Mini-split systems are composed of two sections. The outdoor section (air conditioner) is matched with an indoor section mounted high on a wall. Each Westinghouse® brand mini-split air conditioner features a quiet and reliable rotary compressor, as well as a 1-year parts warranty and additional 4 years on the compressor.

Unit Heaters

Extensive research and development has resulted in a technically advanced range of unit heaters from Reznor, Ambirad and Gaz Industrie that delivers the highest possible standards of energy efficiency and performance.

Building Entry Solutions

Building entryways pose special design challenges. Reznor and Ambirad air curtains and vestibule heating products specially address these needs.

Make-up Air Units with Heating and Cooling Options

If your project calls for exhaust fans and hoods or you need to provide positive building pressurization, then the Reznor and Ambirad make-up air systems are your ideal choice for robust performance and worry-free control.

Radiant Heaters

Gas Infrared heating products from Reznor and Ambirad provide efficient radiant solutions for store entrances, assembly lines and loading docks, airplane hangars, restaurant and cafe outdoor patio heating